Jon Dunleavy

Senior Lecturer, Animation and VFX.

Jon is a director, digital animator and illustrator focusing on character lead narrative shorts in a range of genre. His work has developed in recent years to tackle more challenging social issues of our time from mental well being in Everything Is Going To Be OK to representation in The ALT Guide to Character Design.  His work has toured the globe on the international film festival circuit including Annecy and Pictoplasma and awards at The British Animation Awards and Cannes.

My practice is as an animated filmmaker, predominantly with narrative forms with a comedic and satirical element. My work has incorporated collaborations with poets and sound artists, working closely with these artists to create fluid narrative forms where sound, voice and visual compliment one another. I continue to practice as an animator and director on commercial work, always looking to build with valuable experiences with technical expertise and varied collaborations. It is exciting to feed these fresh experiences and new skillsets back to the students.