Multiplicity Individuality

image Multiplicity Individuality VR gallery
Multiplicity Individuality VR gallery

A VR gallery of works by the NUA Human Interfaces Creative Lab research group, which can be explored in a web browser.

Move around the virtual gallery using touch controls on your VR headset. If you are using a desktop browser, use the W, A, S & D keys for movement and mouse to change the viewing angle. If you are using a handheld device, tilt or swipe the device to change your viewing angle, touch to move forward in the directiob you are looking and unpinch to move backwards.

The Human Interfaces virtual gallery is created with A-Frame, a type of webVR that works on the majority of web-connected VR headsets and modern browsers across common platforms.

For more information about supported devices, take a look at the A-Frame website.