The Multitude

The Multitude is a 15-minute playable modern myth for two humans that features interactive projections of their own bodies. No previous experience is necessary, or even possible. The brave heroes must do the bidding of the four elemental spirits of nature to gain their help. However, not all the elementals are impressed with humankind’s recent behaviour and may need some persuasion to help. The quest is yours should you care to accept it: can you raise the Multitude and save us all?

Jamie Gledhill is an East Anglia based artist working at the intersection of storytelling, audio-visual experimentation and interaction design. The Multitude is his most ambitious work to date. 

The Multitude is produced in collaboration with Collusion, one of Cambridge Junction’s resident companies. Collusion creates and produces new public artworks that explore the creative use of technologies and the impact of emerging technology on society.

Monday 26/07/21 – Thursday 29/07/21

Sook, Unit 31, Grafton Centre, Cambridge, CB1 1PS