EIGTBOK Everything Is Going To Be OK is a meditation on the endless struggle between positive
and negative forces. It developed in part as a response to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, unease
on a global level (climate crisis, political polarisation) and on a local level (including concern for
those with mental health issues). It is informed by the Japanese principles and aesthetics of ‘wabisabi’, particularly the appreciation of beauty as imperfect and impermanent, as well as the ability
to relinquish control. This was a key part of the creative process in working collaboratively with the
sound designer and technically with the 3D software.

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Press & Screenings

EIGTBOK Everything is going to be OK was first shown at the 36th International Short Film Festival, Berlin, Eject XXIII competition on 23 November 2020.
(accessed 19 March 2021)

It was subsequently shown at the London International Animation Festival 2020 on 27 November 2020
http://www.liaf.org.uk/2020/10/liaf-2020-international-competition-programme-1-abstract-showcase-online/ (accessed 19 March 2021)

It is featured on the STASH MEDIA website and in the STASH Permanent Collection
https://www.stashmedia.tv/everything-ok-jon-dunleavy/ (accessed 19 March 2021)
https://www.stashmedia.tv/stash-142-preview/ (accessed 19 March 2021)