Dave Watson

Point cloud data captured using the LiDAR scanner on an iPad Pro using the app Sitescape, later reframed and rendered in Meshlab.

The capture technique requires the photographer to move, meaning the resulting file is inherently a record of the relationship in space of subject and observer over the duration of the image capture. The resulting record can be-re-observed from any point inside or outside of the space defined by the point cloud when it’s explored in an app that can view it, and an almost infinite range of digital 2D prints can be made from this 3d digital ‘negative’. The capture process has echoes of sculpture and mark making, as the device is moved through the air to paint the points into the the file, catching the relative position and colour of rays of light which appear on the device’s screen as points in a 3D model being generated and explored in real time, a cumulative impression of the observed world overlaid on it as an augmented reality.

It’s technically possible to capture the path the camera took in space and the times that the points were captured, and replay the process of construction of the point cloud as a form of hybrid 3d animation/video, but this is not yet available as a function in Sitescape.